Technology To Completely Prevent Drone Disruption At UK Airports Does Not Currently Exist, Warns

Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling has warned that the technology does not currently exist to completely prevent drone disruption at UK airports. He said that there was no “off the shelf solution” to stopping drones flying near critical national infrastructure and prevention technology was “very immature”. The Telegraph says that his comments suggest the Government is unable to guarantee there will not be a repeat of the chaos suffered by passengers at Gatwick Airport in December and at Heathrow last week. Speaking to Sky News, Grayling said military equipment had helped “ease the situation” at Gatwick and airports “from all round the world” had contacted the Government asking for advice on how best to deal with drone disruption. The Transport Secretary said: “This is a new area, the technology is very immature, there is a lot of effort now going into this from airports around the UK. We’re working with them to try and find the right solutions but there wasn’t a simple off the shelf solution that should have been in place that wasn’t in place.”

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