Willem Mudde
Vice President Aviation

A consistent risk-based approach to security

Ensuring European collaboration and cooperation we must focus on achieving levels of improvement in aviation policing and protective security, which cannot be achieved by any nation working in isolation. With the current political changes in Europe including the UK withdrawal from the European Union we intend to work together as usual participating as good neighbours for the benefit of all.

The EAASP effort reflects this approach as we work closely with our European security stakeholders such as AIRPOL and the SAGMAS group etc. Having been appointed the EAASP Vice President (Aviation) this year empowers me to take forward the work programme with my team. I am very pleased and proud to hold this position and will further develop the work undertaken by my predecessors.

The history of aviation began in the 15th century, when Leonardo Da Vinci designed something on paper that looked like an airplane. In 1783 the first balloon flight took place. in 1903 the first motorized plane designed by the Wright brothers took off. Since then the aviation sector has grown exponentially. The number of passengers travelling from European airports rose again by a further 8.5% in the past year alone (ACI Europe).

With the history of crime and terrorist attacks on aviation the need for complex and collaborative security arrangements has also grown exponentially. As aviation remains an attractive target for terrorists all law enforcement agencies must work tirelessly together to prevent an attack and protect our citizens. As this work is undertaken there is a need to identify and share good practice which is what we will continue to do. We introduce some of the most innovative and effective policing and security developments at our conferences held every year.

Collectively there is a lot of work to be done. There are opportunities to participate at the European and international level developing processes, sharing knowledge, consulting academia and working with business partners to develop efficient security solutions. I will make the most of this opportunity and proudly serve the EAASP as Vice President.

 Willem Mudde

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