PAKISTAN – Qatar’s smart security devices win awards in Kuwait, Geneva

PAKISTAN – Qatar’s smart security devices win awards in Kuwait, Geneva

Qatar won the top prize and a gold medal for security innovations at the 11th International Inventions Exhibition in the Middle East held recently in Kuwait. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) joined the exhibition with four innovative devices: Smart Security Investigator, Security Robot, Automatic Detector for Explosives and Drugs and Smart Vest.
Aside from winning the grand prize in Kuwait, Qatar also won first place in the Geneva International Invention Exhibition for the same innovative devices which can detect contraband and give indications of suspicious passengers. These devices enhance the efficiency of operating the country’s ports without affecting the capacity of the movement of the departures and arrivals.
According to Engineer Ali Hassan Al Rashed, these smart devices enhance the security at Hamad International Airport and other ports of entry in Qatar.

The Smart Security Investigator, for example, is capable of identifying people most likely to commit or engage in illegal activities. Al Rashed explained that every person has feelings that come directly from the brain, through certain signals and which cannot be controlled. The pupil of the eye expands and tightens without human control. Through the use of the smart device, these individuals can be detected.

The second device is the smart security robot which can identify suspected criminals at airports and identify faces of wanted individuals through their fingerprint. It also helps detect weapons and explosives and counterfeit currency and fake credit cards. The robot is onboard a three-wheeled scooter driven by a security man inside the airport. Thermal cameras, sensors, computer monitors and other technical devices are installed on the device, which scans documents, identity papers, currencies and credit cards. The device recognizes suspicious people by measuring their heartbeat and which gives a signal to the security man if the heartbeat exceeds the normal rate.

The third device is the Automatic Detector for Explosives and Drugs. Qatar won second place and a silver medal for this device. It can identify drugs, weapons, explosives, and enhances the efficiency of operation within ports. The device can detect everything that is inside bags, including those hidden in dark corners, and in very small quantities. The device uses as monochromatic source that gives a specific colour signal if the bag contains narcotic substances and another colour if it contains explosive materials.

The fourth invention, which won the gold medal, is the Smart Vest or Jacket, which cools workers working in external hot sites. This jacket features an intelligent system that measures the body’s vital signs, such as heart impulses and breathing times, and draws its energy through a solar cell fitted with the jacket. Once the worker’s condition exceeds the normal rates, the jacket sends warning messages via a small computer to the administrator in the control room. It can also reveal whether the worker is stuck on the ground. Medics will be on hand to help the worker.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) praised the invention during their annual conference in Geneva and called on all countries with extremely hot weather to use the invention, making Qatar the lead nation in preserving labour rights and human rights

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