IATA Calls on Industry and Governments to Work Together on Aviation Security

IATA Calls on Industry and Governments to Work Together on Aviation Security
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called on the airline industry and governments to work together more closely to keep aviation secure in the face of evolving security threats and forecast passenger traffic growth. IATA urged stakeholders to focus the following areas to secure aviation. Details include:
• Global standards: IATA director general and CEO Alexandre de Juniac said “far too many states are struggling to implement” the global standards for aviation security agreed to by governments through ICAO and codified in Annex 17 of the Chicago Convention;
• Information sharing: IATA called for better at sharing information as threats “will continue to evolve and become ever more complex” and “those wishing to do aviation harm have no state allegiance”, requiring cross borders information sharing and collaboration;
• Sustainable risk-based solutions: IATA called on governments to pursue risk-based security concepts that focus resources where the need is greatest. Critical areas to address include:
o Securely vetting the millions of airport and airline staff who have access to aircraft;
o Ending extra-territorial measures that often require airlines to take on government responsibilities;
o Improving the security experience for passengers, even as the number of passengers is set to double over the next two decades;
• Adapting to new security threats: IATA called for greater government and industry attention on emerging threats, including cyber threats CENTRE FOR ASIA PACIFIC

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