Schengen Information System (SIS2) Update

SIS2 is anticipated to go live in the Uk on 26th October 2014, which is the anticipated SIS2 go-live.


The Schengen Aquis (French term meaning; ‘that which has been agreed’) was brought about by five Member States (France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) allowing freedom and movement of persons through the lowering of borders in 1995 and

the sharing of information on people and property of interest. This was incorporated into EU law in 1999. Since then, this legal basis has driven the use of Schengan information and any subsequent changes to the operation and membership of the system.

The SIS allows participating countries to exchange information on wanted and missing people, and stolen and missing objects. It also allows the tracing of people for investigations. The system works through a set of alerts, based on Articles in the Convention.

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