Horizon 2020 Secure Societies programme

The EAASP is interested in supporting or participating in Horizon 2020 programmes where they directly support the aims of the organisation and the interests of our members.  Due to the organisation’s other commitments and the operational nature of the work of our members, we have limited resources to contribute to bids and projects and therefore have to be highly selective.  Nevertheless we are keen to support some of the activities in the topic areas of:

  • Fight against crime and Terrorism
  • Border Security and External Security
  • Critical Infrastructure protection

Our rôle may be as an Advisory Board member through to being a full Partner (subject to our resource limitations).  Should you wish us to consider supporting your bid please write to our Technical Advisor Rchisnall@innovasec.co.uk who will consult and respond to you on behalf of the association.

Under normal circumstances we aim to reply to your enquiry within 7 days.  Information supplied to us will be treated as proprietary and not shared outside the association.

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