EAASP is a transnational EU body representing the stakeholders in border and transport hub security.  Members are drawn from the public and private sector and include the UK Border Agency, the Royal Marechaussee (NL), British Airports Authority, Carnival (P&O) and others.

As an end user, EAASP is interested in research projects that will be of benefit to our members and will offer limited support to projects that are aligned to our operation roles. Our members have full-time commitments elsewhere and we would not normally offer to be a full ‘Partner’ in Horizon 2020 projects but our members can contribute to steering and review committees.  Where a project is very closely aligned with our strategy and operational needs we may assist with trials, but this would not be the norm.

We expect that the Secure Societies strand of Horizon 2020 is the one most likely to be of interest to the association.  If you are interested in our involvement please contact our Technical Coordinator – whose details can be found on the contact page.

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